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      AK-xolotlはリリースされたばかりですが、その直前にIndieDevDayの2Awesome Studioブースでその作成者に会い、ここで彼はレベッカに、セミランダムでプレイ可能なクリーチャーを育てる方法など、このピクセル化されたアクションゲームについてすべて話します...

      Audio transcriptions

      "Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing indie interview here at indiedevday I'm right now with Daniel, the creator of AK-xolotl which is a really insane and different game that I really wanted to get to know it better Thank you so much for joining us Well, can you explain a little bit what's all this game about?
      Because it's a roguelike, but I've seen that it can have some resource management elements What can you tell us about it?
      Yeah, it's the classic twin-stick shooter formula with some different mechanics around the weapons and the upgrades more inspiring hades rather than nuclear throne or enter the gungeon And then we have what I like to call the Tamagotchi where you need to find tiny AK-xolotls in their eggs and as you raise them and as you nurture them they get to grow with different stats and abilities and once they're fully adult you get to play as them And what kind of abilities can we expect from an AK-xolotl?
      Because for example in enter the gungeon or in hades we can expect some divine powers or some weapon abilities but what can we expect from AK-xolotls?
      The cool thing about AK-xolotls is that they are kind of random So I did whatever I wanted and the team as well So you can get just a healing ability where you get to snack on some meat or you can grow to be like a Godzilla or God-xylotl as we call it You can also do the typical cancel of bullet hells You can summon items through a pact with a demon, stuff like that And what's the main concept or the main objective in the game?
      Because of course it's a roguelite, we have to actually get to complete a difficult and probably challenging run but are we going to create some kind of town?
      Are we going to just develop our own AK-xolotl society?
      What's the main purpose of the game?
      The main purpose is the combat side We really wanted to appeal the more hardcore, top-down roguelite base of players but the main excuse for the story is that the axolotl is very hungry So yeah, there's no very deep story or anything You go there, you get your AK, you shoot down all the cute critters but it's true that we also have the more chill part where the secondary objective is to nurture all the babies and kind of collect them all, Pokemon style Where did the idea come from?
      Because why an axolotl? Why this game?
      I guess that you've been inspired by, as you said, Enter the Gangeon, Hades, etc but how did you decide to just create this game?
      Actually it's kind of funny because the name was first and then I was like maybe I should do a game and I really liked at the time, and now, Tormentor Experiencer which is like a tiny but really really cool arena shooter and I also like Doom, so I was like what if I try something like this with an axolotl but we keep the heavy metal and then it started to grow from there as a hobby and then people really wanted or really enjoyed the idea and we transitioned to the roguelite and that's when we started to look out for similar games I really like Nuclear Throne, so the gun feel and the combat takes a lot from there How do you feel right now, just realizing that actually your idea and your game is just coming out, because by the way, we'll tell later the exact date but it's releasing really really soon and how do you feel because your workmates just told us that the idea was firstly yours, but then they liked the idea they hired you and then they, well, they adopted you in their team Like a family And how do you feel, being that accepted, being that, I don't know I mean, I'm still kind of surprised because it's been a really really wild ride It's my first game in general Before this, I was working in marketing, doing some ads and stuff like stop motion and I don't know You know when people say we live in a simulation or something It kind of feels like that a little bit But yeah, I'm super happy obviously because people really seem to enjoy the game and they have a fun time and that was the main objective, to do some memes on the internet But yeah, I'm tired as well, I'm really tired But yeah, I don't know how I feel, like, too many things The process has been so weird and crazy that I don't know how to put it into words It's still like a kind of dream, no?
      Yeah, like, I used to work with one of my favorite creators of all time and he was like, oh no no, I knew your game And you're like, oh my, you know me My knee was like, trembling a little bit Yeah, it's super crazy And well, talking about release, about finally Just relax a little bit because the project is almost out When is it going to be released and on which platforms?
      It's releasing on all platforms, so Steam and all the consoles The 14th of September, in six days So please, Weasleys, buy it, review it We like money, we like to eat, please And we like Axolotls, so give it a try And I don't know if everyone will like the game but at least I can assure that they will have a good time and some laughs, so that's something I personally, I'm really looking forward to just play it because I love the idea, I love this concept of just mixing heavy metal with this cute thing, with this challenging thing So personally, I'm really looking forward to play it And well, good luck, thank you so much for joining us And see you next week In six days Thank you Thank you, bye"